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  Using fitness to become physically as well as MENTALLY STRONG.

My Programs

Train, Eat & Develop with me to achieve your goals & reconnect with your most vibrant, truest and Confident self!

My programs have been built to set you up for success for life. Spend the next 8 weeks of your life with me and watch yourself transform into the person that you have always wanted to be. 

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Training and nutritional guide

Spend the next 12 weeks transforming your body (and mind) with my 12 weeks Transformation Program. You can do this program at home or at the gym. This is the program Pernilla used to change her physique (abs and booty focus) as well as helped her shift and strengthen her mentality towards herself and her abilities.


(A self-development guide to finally make it happen)

Do you want to finally make that thing happen? Do you want to finally build the self-worth and belief in yourself you need to stop procrastinating, create a plan and achieve your goal?
It can seem overwhelming to take those first steps when you want to achieve certain goals but in my guide Make It Happen, you will through strategies and exercises be guided step by step on what to do.


My little recipe book

In this little book you can find my 35 favorite treats that help me reach my fitness and health goals aaand my sugar tooth cravings.

Let’s bake some protein deliciousness!

30 day Self-Discovery 

Journaling Guide

Experience a deep connecting to yourself, self-realizations, uncover some truths as to why you think, act and feel the way that you do and just create an overall more loving, powerful and peaceful environment for you to exist in. This 30 day journaling challenge is created to move you closer to creating the life that you dream of.

I’m ready to live life through my deepest desires!




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Ashley Erlanger

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“In January is really when I decided I need to change. I was fed up with feeling bloated and fed up with not feeling 100% confident in my skin. This is when I found my girl @pernillastryker 💗 She was that next step, that extra motivation, that shift in mindset that I needed! Her 12 Week Transformation Program was exactly that ~ TRANSFORMATIONAL ~ It taught me about nutrition in a whole new way and simplified so many things that I found confusing before. She showed me the true joy in Progressive Overload training and how simple it really is to see results (I said simple, not easy) 💪🏽 Her new app @shapeableapp continues to push me in new ways and she is always coming up with High Protein and delicious recipes that are easy which, if you know me, is what I’m alllll about in the kitchen!”

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Mari Gisele

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“I first started following Pernilla’s workouts at the beginning of the COVID pandemic. I was used to a pretty regular gym routine and taught yoga, so when I lost the facility I both exercised and taught at I felt lost, sad and lonely. 


I feel so grateful I engaged with Pernilla, sent her updates, and saw so much progress after even a month!


Fast forward a year or so later, and I experienced a major knee injury while skiing on opening day. I had completely torn my ACL along with damages I’ll spare listing here. From the time of my injury in December of 2020 to surgery in February 2021, I gained weight; just as rapidly as I had lost it and then some.


With a history of an Eating Disorder I felt detached from my body and scared. But I still read Pernilla’s posts and knew that if I had done it once with her guidance, I could do it again. "


Lo and behold; I went from 175lbs to 145 lbs from April to June! As soon as I could get out of bed without it being too painful, I started with arm and some ab workouts. I followed workout videos and modified. I went back to teaching even if it meant I sat at the front of the class with a brace and saying “Do as I say, not as I do”, haha. 


I found the joy I thought I had lost during my bed-ridden days. It was inside me all along, I just needed the encouragement of someone as incredibly authentic and loving as Ms. Pernilla. 


Thank you!!!”

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“6 months ago. I made the decision to work hard during covid lockdown on myself ”…..” Literally transformed my life! I love your meal plan - I never thought it was possible to get abs. I thought it would be too hard for me not that long ago so I hope this will encourage others to believe in themselves a little more. Change you mind, change your life.”

(wants to remain anonymous)

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