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I am so excited to share my 12 week Transformation Workout Program and Nutritional Guide with you!


I have combined all of my previous ebook training programs, abs meal plan guide as well as additional tips and guidance for you to achieve your goals throughout these next 12 weeks. 


Expect to: 

1. Gain all of the knowledge you need to achieve your fitness goals

2. Transform and create your dream body 

3. Develope an unstoppable and fulfilled mindset from building self-trust, -belief and confidence from watching yourself take action, gain strenght, keeping your promises and finally building the healthy LONGTERM lifestyle that you've wanted for (let's be honest) a loooong time 

4. Use the inner strength and knowledge about yourself that you learn in this program to develop greatness in all other areas of your life. 


My intention behind this program:  

Whatever it is that you dream about, you deserve to make that happen and I believe that setting a goal and watching yourself grow, be consistent, see progress, get stronger and taking one step at a time towards a stronger and more fulfilled you, will help you build the self-trust, confidence, self-belief and powerful strength to see that you are capable of doing challenging things. Once you overcome this challenge you will realize that you truly can do anything that you put your mind to. And you deserve that. You deserve to follow whatever your heart desires. You are worthy and you are capable and I would feel honered to guide you on your incredible journey. So are you ready to join me and make it happen? 


This program and guide includes: 

A 12 week Workout program usind a progressive overload method to assure growth and progress (will be explained to easily understand and a Progressive Overload chart will be included as well)

How to get abs

The Basics on how to lose or gain weight as well as changing your body composition

Understanding protein, carbs and fat and how what you eat can help you reach your goals

A guide to learning to calculate your calories and determine your macros

My best advice to gain musclemass and lower your bodyfat %

The truth about spot fat reduction

The difference between weight training and cardio

Weight loss tips from me to you

Restriction and binge eating 

Tips to train smarter not necessarily harder

How to personalize your program

A warm-up guide 

If you are working out at home or have limmited equipment, there will be exercise adjustments and a guide to progressively overload and continue to see progress and gain strength

How to achieve a  "lean" VS "bulky look"

Videos of me demontrating every exercise


Can you do this program if do not have a gym membership?

Yes, I have a full guide helping you through how you can progress and get stronger at home. 

It is highly recommended to have at least 2-3 pairs of dumbbells as well as 1 long band and 1 booty band to be able to perform all movements in this workout program. 

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