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Make It Happen Guide (2020)

Make It Happen Guide (2020)


Do you want to finally make that thing happen? Do you want to finally build the self-worth and belief in yourself you need to stop procrastinating, create a plan and achieve your goal?


It can seem overwhelming to take those first steps when you want to achieve certain goals but in my guide Make It Happen, you will through strategies and exercises get clear on: 


  • What your inner being truly wants in life
    - Exercises to discover what makes you feel joyful, excited and most fulfilled in life
    - Journaling exercises to discover new passions
    - Breaking down your dreams into the 7 areas of life
    - Visualization techniques
    - A journaling guide with over 50 in-depth questions to get to know yourself on a deeper level 
  • Understanding and rewiring your mind
    - Exercises to become aware of beliefs, habits and thought patterns from the past in order for you to change the beliefs that are not serving you in your life today
    - Connecting to your younger self
  • Breaking down your dream and creating a manageable plan
    - Exercises to discover your core values
    - Creating your first goal and then breaking it down into smaller goals using specific models and easy go-to strategies
    - Exercises for you to create rituals for self-development, progress tracking, Setting new goals and taking action on magical ideas
    - Determining what self-love is for you
  • What is your WHY
    -How to stay motivated when you don’t feel like doing the work
    - Digging deep into why you have no choice but to make this happen
    - Using your why to develop Self-worth
    - Visual reminders - helpful tools
  • Becoming who you surround yourself with
    - People in your life today. Creating positive relationships
    - Surrounding yourself with inspirational individuals (podcasts, books etc.)
    - New “feeding your mind” rituals to learn from people who have done it before you
  • Your morning Routine
    - Inspiration and developing the morning routine that brings YOU the most happiness
  • Become friends with discomfort
    - Overcoming fears to gain confidence, self-worth and experience more growth and wellbeing on your journey
  • Enjoying the journey
    - Tips to enjoy the journey
    -Discovering what values to focus on for you to experience the most joy in life
    - Learning to trust the process
    - Exercises for you to get ready to MAKE IT HAPPEN. 
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